Saturday, April 23, 2016

about the banner link "Download Fedora 24 Alpha Workstation" of localization

In "Get Fedora" web site, At the " " page or this localized page,
the link of "Download Fedora 24 Alpha Workstation" banner is not yet be localized.
It is to jump to only English webpage ( ).

For example , at Japanese version,

For example If the banner "Fedora 24 Alpha のダウンロード"(it means Download Fedora 24 Alpha Workstation) is pushed , then the current page is jumped to English webpage "" from other language page.

Despite the page of the link target has been already translated ( ) , but jump to English webpage.

Not only from Japanese webpage, but also from French webpage ( ) , from Spanish, etc・・・ Similarly, the banner link is not localized.
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