Sunday, April 4, 2021

[fedora-arm] Re: Problem booting Pine A64+

On 28.03.2021 20:42, Peter Robinson wrote:

Is the output over HDMI or Serial TTY? If the later can you edit the  option at the grub2 menu (hit 'e' on the kernel entry) and remove the  "rhgb quiet console=tty0" section of the kernel command line and then  proceed to boot and see if you get output.  

Thnx, Yes, ooutput is via serial console. Had to remove kernel parameter console=tty0.

Afterwards the boot setup menu came up. See below. That was the reason why it stopped.

Afterwards edit boot parameter permanently.

nano -w -I /boot/grub2/grub.cfg
if [ -z "${kernelopts}" ]; then
  #set kernelopts="root=/dev/mapper/fedora_fedora-root ro console=tty0 "
  set kernelopts="root=/dev/mapper/fedora_fedora-root ro "




================================================================================ ================================================================================ 1) [x] Language settings 2) [x] Time settings (English (United States)) (US/Eastern timezone) 3) [x] Network configuration 4) [x] Root password (Wired (eth0) connected) (Disabled. Set password to enable root account.) 5) [ ] User creation (No user will be created) Please make a selection from the above ['c' to continue, 'q' to quit, 'r' to refresh]: ================================================================================ ================================================================================

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