Wednesday, February 2, 2022

[389-users] Re: diff behaviours between version with "unindex search" error

Hi Isabella,

The filter is indeed unindexed:
   !subfilter is always unindexed 
    email has no index
 So the notice message is normal.
  Now the fact that you get or not an unindexed note in search result will depends on the number of descendants of ou=Users,ou=ds,dc=xxxx,dc=xxxx
If the number is below the allies threshold the search is indexed by the ancestorid index.

Anyway I strongly recommend to add the email equality index 
because having to look at all users means degraded performance while email index will directly return a single entry ... 


On Wed, Feb 2, 2022 at 8:28 PM Ghiurea, Isabella <> wrote:

Hello List ,


I start seeing the following error in ldap error log  , DS cfg for  fractional muiltimaster replication with member plugin enabled local in each host and excluded from replication . There is no index on email attribute but nsAccounlock is indexed for equality, presence and substring.


NOTICE - ldbm_back_search - Unindexed search: search base="ou=Users,ou=ds,dc=xxxx,dc=xxxx" scope=1 filter="(&(&(!(nsAccountLock=*))(!(nsAccountLock=true)))(" conn=xxx op= xxx


DS version :






BUT same ldapsearch  for a DS cfg with same index cfg returns no errors in this ldap version, please explain what's going on .






Thank you


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