Tuesday, February 16, 2021

[fedora-arm] Re: Pine64 Rockpro64 Invalid bus 0 (err=-19)

W dniu 16.02.2021 o 18:50, Aaron Siegel pisze:
> Marcin
> Thank for your response and your blog on installing Fedora on a Rockpro64.
> Your blog has been very helpful.


> I am using the latest uboot that packaged with uboot-images-arm8, 2020.10.
> Are there issues with this versions? Which version should I use? Are there
> problems with this version of uboot?

Grab 2021.01 for sure from link below:


> Do all the message display through HDMI? I have a serial console on order.

Default configuration should give you working HDMI output and USB
keyboard support. No serial console needed.
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