Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Re: Fedora 34 Xfce doesn't seem to be themed properly

Hi folks,

the screenshot looks as it should. Only the settings dialogs of Xfce were ported to CSD (and as you can see a CSD that closely resembles the server side decoration style for now).

We considered adding a user setting that would both trigger gtk-dialog-use-header=1 and also set GTK_CSD=1 globally for a more consistent look, but as setting such environment variables via a setting feels ugly we so far refrained.
There is also https://github.com/andreldm/xfwm4-theme-generator which generates an Xfwm4 decoration based on the currently selected CSD. We're still investigating if we can integrate this into Xfce for 4.18 so the looks would be more homogeneous again. (I presume most Xfce users use *some* Gnome or Gnome-style apps already, so the visual inconsistency between CSD and SSD has been around for some time...)


On Wed, Feb 24, 2021 at 2:05 AM Mukundan Ragavan <nonamedotc@gmail.com> wrote:

On 2/23/21 6:10 PM, Neal Gompa wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 23, 2021 at 6:09 PM Mukundan Ragavan <nonamedotc@gmail.com> wrote:

>> I think client side decorations is not ported to all xfce apps. I wonder
>> if that's the difference ... correct me if I am wrong.
> That may be the case. Perhaps there's a way to set Adwaita for stuff
> not using CSDs yet?

I do not know of a way to do that. I will add that I see the same
behavior with Mint-Y theme as well. So, this might be something that can
be done with the theme.

Also, I will add the patch to use default fedora background. I just
remembered that I removed the xfdesktop patch at some point. Thanks for
pointing this out.


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