Saturday, February 27, 2021

Re: Fedora Magazine - articles in a wider variety of langugages

I can help with the Russian translation.

On Sat, Feb 27, 2021, 3:35 PM Jean-Baptiste <> wrote:

Le 27/02/2021 à 08:20, Benson Muite a écrit :
>>> I have all the knowledge to initialize this if you want.
>> This would probably be helpful.  Probably not every article in the
>> magazine would be translated. The crucial thing is to find out if
>> there are people willing to act as editors for languages other than
>> English so that one can ask for articles and/or article translations.
> Currently, the Fedora Magazine uses Wordpress. Fedora Documentation
> uses asciidoc and git. Perhaps one could try asciidoc for Magazine in
> another language? Is there a good What you see is what you get (
> WYSIWYIG ) editor for asciidoc, or would it be worth making one? There
> was an effort for a live preview asciidoc editor  by a Fedora
> contributor:
> Blogs are increasingly served on static websites, so this may be worth
> exploring for Magazine, but WYSIWYIG editing is a helpful part of the
> wordpress workflow for some contributors.

My proposal would be to use Hugo + Asciidoctor. Hugo does handle
internationalization really fine and I have knowledge to automate this.

About project stepping:

First step: design a proper internationalization workflow

Second step: have a nice look and feel

Thirst step: think about how to handle the current processes existing
with Fedora Magazine.

If steps 1 and 2 are good and we publish it as an official Fedora
website, then users will be able to read translated articles.

Only then we will be able to suggest a migration from Wordpress to Hugo.
Expect a year from now.

Actions needed:

1. Set-up pipeline and automation (I can do that)

2. Someone to take care of HTML/CSS for look and feel.

3. Someone convert articles from Wordpress to asciidoc.

4. Translators ;)

I would love to see a few translators to express their interest in such
initiative, and people willing to help for steps 1/2/3.

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