Thursday, March 24, 2016

Re: Announcing Fedora's Diversity Adviser and Newest Council Member: María “tatica” Leandro!

Thank you all!!!

Lets keep rocking fedora!

2016-03-24 3:27 GMT-04:30 Robert Mayr <>:
2016-03-24 2:15 GMT+01:00 Remy DeCausemaker <>:

As some of you may recall, Fedora added a new seat to the Fedora
Council for a Diversity Adviser.

It is with great pleasure that we do hereby announce, that this seat
has been filled by long-time Fedora contributor María "tatica"

Congratulations Tatica, and please all join me in giving her a warm
welcome to the Council :)

Remy DeCausemaker
Fedora Community Lead & Council

Marìa, I wish you good luck, your experience within the Fedora Project will help you a lot to make a good job also as Diversity Adviser. Welcome also to the Council and see you at the next meeting ;)

Robert Mayr

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Maria Gracia Leandro
LinuxUser= 440285  GPG Public Key: E1CDCC56

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