Wednesday, March 30, 2016

RFE: virtual keyboard for Live DVD/USB

Dear Fedora Xfce Live Developers,

Request for Enhancement: please in a virtual keyboard for those
situations where the computer in question has a Blue Tooth keyboard,
such as on an Apple MAC.

"florence" is in the repos and works very well on my sticks
I keep its RPM on a separate stick and have to "click"
on it to install it. I also have it installed on my direct stick.
Florence is very simple and just works without any "drama".

Believe it or not, about one in every three computers I need to
boot off a live or direct install stick are Apples. (You hold
down the "option" [not the flower] key when booting to select
your Live or direct USB.)

Many thanks,

Mac keyboards can be described in one word: miserable. Mac
users must not create a lot of text. Seems like
they mainly click a lot. Who knows ...

Chuckle: the older versions of MAC think that the Live USB
is a "Windows" stick. Newer ones call it an "efi" stick.

Computers are like air conditioners.
They malfunction when you open windows
xfce mailing list

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