Thursday, April 7, 2016

[389-users] Change of /etc/selinux/config's SELINUX causes port389 fail to start


IHAC who wants to use ( under RHEL 7.2 ):

/etc/selinux/config with

Changing the SELINUX setting from "permissive" to "enforcing" and
rebooting afterwards causes port389 DS fail to start due to
a permission problem of /var/run/dirsrv

Interestingly, the ownership of /var/run/dirsrv changed from
port389:port389 to dirsrv:dirsrv
after reboot.

But, changing the ownership and permissions on the /var/run/dirsrv (
which is actually nsslapd-rundir )
back to its original value, doesn't help, i.e. port389 DS doesn't start

A fresh install with "solves" my issues.

What side effects does a change of SELINUX cause with regards to port389?

The issue can be reproduced with changing the setting from
"enforcing" to "permissive" as well.

Any ideas?

Thanks and best regards,

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