Thursday, April 21, 2016

[fedora-websites] #385: I don't like fade-out feature at

#385: I don't like fade-out feature at
Reporter: rluzynski | Owner: webmaster
Type: defect | Status: new
Priority: minor | Milestone:
Component: General | Keywords:
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When I hover my mouse over a section of the text at site
the neighboring sections fade out, get white or blurred and unreadable.
That's even worse if I hover the mouse pointer over the area with no text:
in such case all neighboring sections fade out. I guess the intention was
to emphasize the text under the mouse pointer but personally I don't like
this effect. I don't tend to keep the mouse pointer over the text I'm
currently reading. Instead I tend to keep it away, usually close to the
right scrollbar. Also think about the touchscreen devices: if you touch a
screen (for example to scroll the content) and it is interpreted as mouse
hover a part of the screen fades out which you don't want.

My suggestion is to fade in the hovered text rather than fade out the
neighboring text. In order to let the text be faded in it must be faded
out by default but really slightly faded out, for example background
#eeeeee foreground #111111, and fade in to background #ffffff foreground

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