Wednesday, April 20, 2016

[Fedora Women] Re: Convincing Women's Groups

You would be surprised on how many people like you are :) And the idea of this kind of gatherings is just that, show us that we are not alone :)

2016-04-19 20:50 GMT-04:30 Sara Paula Aparicio <>:
Thanks for reply me :)
It's a pleasure for me you can read me.
We have the idea, but How show into the real life?? need a stand with some pc's with distros, talking to the people about it and all the wonderful things that they can do with distros and making code with electronics (like arduino p.e)
maybe, we can start with lessons or something like this. (I saw a event only for girls around the country. Those girls learn another girls about ruby and make meeting on starbucks, I'll try to re search the punctual info I promise)
My life is like that: only in my room, all day all night on weekends coding on arduino or playing on my lap haha and is not 'cause I don't like people it's only that I don't meet people like me (first, for my language and second anyone around me is interest on this things)
I would like to go to some meeting if you do one :) i don't matter travel and lost in the way.
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Maria Gracia Leandro
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