Friday, April 1, 2016

Proposed updated meeting schedule meeting

Proposed schedule for the next few months:

Apr 4 -- *skip*
Apr 11 -- FY17 budget review
Apr 18 -- Tickets and Ongoing
Apr 25 -- Open Floor
May 2 -- Subproject Report (FAmSCo)
May 9 -- Open Floor
May 16 -- Tickets and Ongoing (Matthew travelling, though)
May 23 -- Open Floor
May 30 -- *skip* (Memorial Day in the US)
Jun 6 -- Open Floor (F24 release scheduled this week!)
Jun 13 -- Subproject Report (CommOps)
Jun 20 -- Open Floor
Jun 27 -- Tickets and Ongoing (Week of Red Hat Summit)
Jul 4 -- Open Floor or skip (Independence Day in the US)

My only concern with this is that the tickets and ongoing meetings keep
landing on days on which I'll be traveling. So, either we'll need
someone else to shepherd those.

Matthew Miller
Fedora Project Leader
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