Thursday, April 28, 2016

Re: Creating a "Fedora Incubator" brand

On Thu, Apr 28, 2016 at 3:13 PM, Matthias Runge
<> wrote:
> On 28/04/16 10:02, Matthew Miller wrote:
>> Bikeshedding on the name welcome, but here's the concept:
>> Right now, we have the main Fedora brand, which as the guidelines stand
>> generally applies to the main Fedora operating system distribution and
>> to our core activities. And we have the Fedora Remix brand, which is
>> very clearly for work _outside_ of Fedora Proper.
>> I think we might benefit from having an official branding for
>> initiatives somewhere in between — work done *in* the project, but not
>> necessarily yet accepted into our "mainline". This would encourage
>> innovation _within_ Fedora without causing confusion over whether
>> something is "official".
>> What do you think?
> Would that give initiatives a home, which are currently not really
> allowed in Fedora, like (just to name a few)

My personal take on your examples below.

> - pidora

This one is probably not a good example. It's too large to leverage
the resources we have (it's an entirely separate arch) and it depends
on code that is not upstream.

> - packaging initiatives, with stuff e.g in copr or which are not
> currently accepted in fedora repositories?

Possibly? The standard issues around the ever present codec
situations would still apply, so it won't solve that. It could be
useful for other things.

> - building a robot and providing software for it based on fedora (I
> mean, including everything, not only the software packages, but also
> building instructions etc: this clearly outside of being software


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