Friday, April 22, 2016

Re: [Developer-portal] Re: Preparing a new release of Fedora Developer Portal - asking for feedback

Quote : "Out of the six billion people in the world, only 339 million
have English as a first language [3]."

Most programming languages are english based, because it's presently the
easiest language to collaborate. They are still thousands of website
that explain and give tutorial in local languages.

Same for Fedora, and we still translate softwares, websites and

"Software developpement" is more and more common, we slowly teach it
from elementary schools. We should not restrict access to information.
Even fedora budget is translatable, why would we like to translate that
kind of website as working language in Fedora is english ?

Fedora Developer Portal is build half way between communication website
and Fedora documentation. Both is relevant to be translatable and helps
to reach more users.

Fedora Developer Portal is no exception with any of the work of Fedora
Websites or Docs Project. It would rather use community tools :
pagure/fedorahosted/bugzilla/Zanata, and respect Fedora Foundations,
including Freedom by not using google analytics or promote usage of

If you can't make it translatable because of time, it's a thing, but if
you don't because you haven't thought at it or don't see the point, it's
a problem. The Websites and Docs projects have both experience in this
and may help for tools. L10N team can help to explain what works well or

Please don't close the door to localization.
You said 6 month ago you waited to have more feedback. If you go too
far, the cost to include it will be too high.
Please think about it for fedora-hubs too.

Note : is translatable, same for

Le 2016-04-22 08:50, Robert Mayr a écrit :

> Ok, I'm fine with that. I was just bringing up a question we discussed
> time ago and I'm asked sometimes by L10n folks. Thanks for confirming
> it. Regards. Robert
> 2016-04-22 8:35 GMT+02:00 Petr Hracek <>:
>> Hi Robert,
>> I guess, developer portal should be only in English.
>> Many developer documentation are in English, like Python, Perl, Ruby.
>> Regards
>> Petr
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