Thursday, April 21, 2016

Re: [fedora-websites] #384: Change primary Workstation downloadable to Fedora Media Writer

#384: Change primary Workstation downloadable to Fedora Media Writer
Reporter: eischmann | Owner: webmaster
Type: task | Status: new
Priority: blocker | Milestone: Fedora 24
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Comment (by robyduck):

We are already in the middle of the F24 release cycle, and websites are
going to branch for Beta today or max tomorrow. AFAICS you don't want to
change so much for F24, and probably the best would be to add just a
section like:

Windows user?
Get Fedora Media Writer and download Fedora right to your USB stick.

I can understand it is useful for Windows users, but I can't see an
advantage to use an extra software to do the same I can do also just
clicking on the ISO; that's more an aditional hurdle. Also, we should not
replace the "What is a live image", because people will still get a live
image, also with FMW, right?

If we still want Linux users to download their Fedora ISO as always, we
cannot point them to FMW to burn the image. They still can use a DVD
burning software if they like, or use a USB writing software of their

If the tool is going to replace all, we should add the description of how
to use it directly on the websites. If it is too long we can also ask the
docs team to write it in, but I'd rather not use a
wiki page. Docs already have a section which explains how to use ISOs,
also for windows users.[[BR]]

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