Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Re: Make the work of translator teams easier - Docs

Zanata have webhook (if it is configured by project maintainer) that sends out once a document for a language reached 100% translated.

We will have a new event for per translations event in the future. (in progress)

On Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 3:20 PM, Jean-Baptiste <> wrote:
Le 26/04/2016 à 23:12, Remy DeCausemaker a écrit :


Thank you much for helping to smooth the on ramps for contributing on
translation/docs :)

Whenever you folks do decide on a process, we'd love to help
socialize/promote it on the CommBlog

Keep up the good work, and let us folks in CommOps know when it's time
to help feature the new process.

P.S. - FYI, There is a Docs FAD coming up soon
( We also have
an incoming GSoC intern working on Docs (c0mrad3) starting at the end
of April, so this information will be useful for onboarding our new
contributors too. And, finally, We also recently added zanata to

Thanks for your support.

At the moment, Zanata fedmsg doesn't looks like to work ;)

I hope in a close future it will give more information than "reaching 100%" on a project !

Few ideas :
 * new strings are available to translation => know when packager push contents
 * new strings are translated  => know when teammates are active
 * new fuzzy strings are set   => know when errors are spotted
 * new review/rejected strings => know when review process is going on

I'm pretty sure other use cases exist ;)

Note : fedmsg/fednotify are great tools for community, I would be glad to have it translated some day, but it's not high priority yet.
Jean-Baptiste Holcroft
trans mailing list

Alex Eng

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