Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Re: Planning for Virtual FAD for translations

On 7 April 2016 at 05:25, William Moreno <> wrote:

You are exactly in time and definitely get counted in it. :) 
Most of the information available on [1]  Let us know if you need any help.

After even get over, i can award  badge [2] to participants.

Hi Pravin

We ran  the local sprint last saturday and got;

1. Completed localization of dnf-plugins-core, dnf-plugins-extras and Cockpit into Spanish

2. Translated a total sum of 1960 words

3. Translated a total sum of 440 messages

Excellent !!

 People in the local sprint were: Omar Berroteran (fas: lkf), Eduardo Mayorga (fas: mayorga), Neville Cross (fas: yn1v), Aura Lila (fas: lilixx) and me, my fas is williamjmorenor, some peple keep working after the spring so these are the numbers of just saturday.

Please if you have a minute please give this badge to people in our local sprint and I hope there will more evenst like this one for futere Fedora releases.

Yeah, its my pleasure to award you badges :)
Presently on g11n list we are working on getting stats regarding how many people contributed during 1-5 th april.

I can already see mayorga, williamjmorenor. But cant see Omar Berroteran (fas: lkf), Neville Cross (fas: yn1v) and Aura Lila (fas: lilixx) do they have different usernames in Zanata or something wrong?
I will start awarding badges tomorrow.



William Moreno 

trans mailing list

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