Thursday, April 7, 2016

Re: Planning for Virtual FAD for translations

On 7 April 2016 at 17:39, Anxhelo Lushka <> wrote:
Hi Pravin,

We ran the local sprint last monday in the environments of Open Labs in Tirana,Albania and achieved:

1. Localization initiation of f24-branch of anaconda into Albanian
2. Translated a total sum of 5761 words
3. Translated a total sum of 1029 messages

For a total of 79% of all the work

The people present in the local sprint were:
Jona Azizaj (fas: jonatoni),
Elio Qoshi (fas: elioqoshi),
Silva Vrapi (fas: silva),
Ajkuna Mujo (fas: ajkunamujo)
Anxhela Hyseni (fas: hysenianxhela),
Marin Kaltani (fas: marinkaltani),
Deni Begaj (fas: denibegaj),
Adelina Beqiri (fas: adelinacoco),
Eneo Shushari (fas: eneo),
and finally me,Anxhelo Lushka (fas: anxh3l0)

Its really great to see you able to make it so short time. I have already awarded badges to sprint participants :)

Some peple are still working after the spring so these numbers are subject of change.
I hope there will be more events like this one for future Fedora releases.

Results are definitely impressive, we need more participation in organization for this at big scale. Will write in my conclusive article.

Pravin Satpute

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