Friday, April 1, 2016

Re: Self-Introduction

Hi, Sergio! And welcome.


El 01/04/2016 11:11, "Sergio Prieto Pardo" <> escribió:
-Name: Sergio Prieto Pardo.
-Location: Baleira, Lugo (Spain).
-Login: aria164
-Language: (English to) Galician.
-Student Status: Network System Administrator (First Year).
-About me: Hello. I have recently started using Linux and Fedora is the distribution that works best for me. But, because I don't have programming skills and the Fedora Project is the very first I join. I hope I can be of help with the translation project, because I have been doing translations of different languages when I was studying at university.
The Fedora Project and I: As I previously said, due to my lack of skills in programming and my previous translations related to my studies at university, I think I can be of help with the translation to Galician language. I am very pleased to meet you.
-GPG KeyID and fingerprint:
            -KeyID: 8DD1A7F3
            -Fingerprint: 8CC4 7306 C5CC BACB 949C  4881 843E 83B8 8DD1 A7F3
            -pub: 2048R/8DD1A7F3 2016-04-01 (It does not expire).
            -sub: 2048R/B19CE14D 2016-04-01 (It does not expire).
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