Thursday, April 28, 2016

Re: Would you like to translate Fedora Developer Portal ?

On 29 April 2016 at 01:44, Jean-Baptiste <> wrote:
Le 21/04/2016 à 14:04, Jean-Baptiste a écrit :
Hi there,

Would you like to ask to be able to translate Fedora Developer Portal ?

Like every Fedora Website, I don't see any particular reason not to
translate it.

Website sub-project said they would first test if it is a usefull
If they improve this website, I assume it is.

May I ask website team to push .po files in Zanata ?

Note : I think using google analytics is agains Fedora core values, is
there a precedent ?


For your information after a few messages (on many mailing lists) and a kind spanish contributor [1], we should have possibility to translate fedora developer portal.

Excellent. AFAIK Fedora has plan to launch Developer portal by Flock i.e. August. Did you got any schedule information from portal team?


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