Thursday, April 21, 2016

Would you like to translate Fedora Developer Portal ?

websites mailing list there,

Would you like to ask to be able to translate Fedora Developer Portal ?

Like every Fedora Website, I don't see any particular reason not to
translate it.

Website sub-project said they would first test if it is a usefull
If they improve this website, I assume it is.

May I ask website team to push .po files in Zanata ?

Note : I think using google analytics is agains Fedora core values, is
there a precedent ?


-------- Message transféré --------
Sujet : Preparing a new release of Fedora Developer Portal - asking for
Date : Wed, 20 Apr 2016 13:39:11 +0200
De : Adam Samalik <>
Pour :
Copie à :,, Pavel Valena <>

Hello Everyone,

we have prepared a new release of Fedora Developer Portal, and we would
like to hear your feedback before pushing it into production. If
everything goes fine, we would like to make the release on Monday, April

This email is the first of its kind. I would like to send it every time
before release - to make sure, that we involve everyone who might be
interested. This time, I have also cc-ed 'websites' and 'devel' lists.
All future emails about new releases will go to the 'developer-portal'
mailing list only.

Current version:
New release in staging:

What's new:

1) Design
- refreshed look with more uniform layout
- images in the header have been compressed

2) 'Edit this page' button on every page
- clicking this button gets you to the github repo, where you can
edit the content directly in your web browser and submit a pull-request

3) Including empty pages
- pages are shown with 'help needed' badge
- goal of this is to encourage people/make it easier to contribute

4) Start section
- including guides about Arduino and mobile applications using
Google Android Studio

5) Share your knowledge banner on each page
- with link to our contributing guides:

6) Using Google Analytics
- disabled 'demographics and interest reports'
- disabled 'enhanced link attribution'
- disabled 'remarketing'
- disabled 'advertising reporting features'
- basically, I want to use it only to track views and to see what is
most popular

I welcome any feedback or comments.

Thank you!
Have a great day,
Adam Samalik


Adam Ĺ amalík
Associate Software Engineer
Red Hat

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