Wednesday, September 14, 2016

[fedora-arm] 48-bit support in F26?

Hi Jeremy, all,

I was just catching up with some folks and we discussed the status of
48-bit VA support. It seems to me that it would make most sense to have
an official coordination effort between those vendors/community members
who are interested, to ensure that they help with the necessary package
updates ahead of the kernel, and work with a test kernel to identify any
additional packages or issues that need resolving. I believe it would
make most sense to have a Fedora feature page (or something less grand,
but similar in concept) tracking this for F26, with the deps.

Perhaps Jeremy can update us on the status, and then he and others can
help drive this forward (someone should nominate themselves as the ring
leader too). I spoke with Cavium earlier today, and I know they'll be
keen to help. I know Qualcomm had expressed interest during our IRC
meetings in helping out. To that end, I'm copying at least those I know
so far who are interested here.


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