Thursday, March 15, 2018

[389-users] Cannot login to admin server after last update


since the last update (using RHEL 7, updated from 389-ds- to
389-ds- I cannot login as user admin in the administration
console anymore.

Looking at the logs I see this error message popping up every time I
try to log in since then:

[Thu Mar 15 13:09:35.046721 2018] [:crit] [pid 12027:tid 140250663868160] buildUGInfo(): unable to initialize TLS connection to LDAP host port 389: 4

What I find confusing, nowhere have I ever configured any encrypted
connections, because the whole setup is tucked away in a private vlan with
no access to the internet. How come the admin server suddenly wants
to use TLS? And how can I disable this and get back the old behaviour?

Thanks in advance
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