Monday, March 19, 2018

[389-users] Re: autosizing the cache

> Dogtag is Java/Tomcat. It's well known for consuming large volumes of
> ram!

Ah, I thought it was something besides that :)

> Sure, sounds reasonable to me - I'd want to see your database sizes to
> make a complete assesment, but it seems pretty reasonable to me.

I will get that for you. I've used on a live system and things looked pretty well (>=92%). You would like to see the number of entries in the db, right?

> Additionally, check that cn=config,cn=ldbm ... is actually
> d'B'cachesize not d'N'cachesize.

Now I'm confused a bit. I thought the dncachesize was what was supposed to be set manually while everything else was autosized. Sorry for being slow on this.
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