Tuesday, March 27, 2018

[fedora-arm] F28 GNOME graphical login screen not displayed on Raspberry Pi 3.

After booting an image such as


on a Raspberry Pi model 3, the First Boot process completes, but no
graphical login screen appears. The system becomes unresponsive after a
graphical pointer arrow is displayed (on top of whatever text was left on
the screen from the boot process.)

This failure remains even when the installed image is updated to include
the latest software from updates-testing as of March 25.

This is specific to the GNOME image. Graphical login works for other
images, specifically KDE and LXDE.

Question 1: Can anyone report success with F28 Raspberry Pi 3 GNOME
graphical login? (Perhaps different display hardware makes a

Question 2: Does this problem aflict other armhfp systems, or is this
unique to Raspberry Pi hardware?

This problem is new in F28. In my experience, up-to-date F27 GNOME
systems using Raspberry Pi 3 hardware have no trouble with graphical
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