Thursday, March 15, 2018

[fedora-arm] Rawhide: PXE-E23: Client received TFTP error from server

Hey All,

I have a working pxe/tftp environment that works great with Fedora27, and I am just now starting to test rawhide. But when I use the same setup, and to pxe boot rawhide, my client returns the following error:

"PXE-E23: Client received TFTP error from server"

I can see the logs on the server, and the client is pxe booting, and getting an IP address. But right afterwards, the client returns that error.

My dhcpd.conf entry for the client is as follows:

host mustang1 {
hardware ethernet 00:01:73:02:36:10;
# filename "linux-install/fedora27/BOOTAA64.EFI";
filename "linux-install/rawhide/BOOTAA64.EFI";
# filename "linux-install/rhel-alt-74/BOOTAA64.EFI";
# filename "linux-install/mustang/UpgradeFirmware.efi";

And when I comment out the rawhide entry, and uncomment any of the others, the client proceeds to boot as expected.

I got all my boot files this time from the rawhide netinst iso:

Has anyone run into this issue in their testing yet?

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