Monday, March 12, 2018

[fedora-arm] Re: Fedora 27 on ODroid UX4

On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 9:47 PM, sakurai <> wrote:
> Hi Dennis,
> 2018-03-13 3:52 GMT+09:00 Dennis Gilmore <>:
>> El lun, 12-03-2018 a las 07:01 +0900, sakurai escribió:
>>> Hi.
>>> Has anyone already suceeded to install ARM Fedora 27 on the beagle
>>> bone black?
>>> If so, would you kindly provide a pointer?
>>> I have tried to install it using --target=am335x_boneblack but
>>> failed.
>>> It seems there is
>>> not uEnv.txt installed. Moreover, though the installer seems to do dd
>>> for MLO as well as
>>> u-boot.img, there is no such file in the first FAT partition. That is
>>> why I copied them from
>>> the fourth partition.
>> the BBB ships witha u-boot installed on the internal emmc you will
>> need to hold down the boot button to have it boot from your sdcard if
>> you set up one externally, once the system is booted you will need to
>> update the internal u-boot in order to not need to press the boot
>> button.
> I might have done this as Ubuntu can boot without a pressing the boot
> button.
>> you can copy the u-boot.img and MLO files to the vfat
>> partition, or you can use the update-uboot tool to install the files
>> into the emmc. The SOC looks for the files in raw disk space before
>> looking in a vfat partition
> I see. In any case, I do not find any uEnv.txt in my SD card just after the
> installation process. Then I made uEnv.txt, and the message said 'File not
> found /boot/uImage'. It seems that the SD card is not correctly mounted, though
> 'ext2ls mmc 0:2' shows uImage after failed boot. Here is the log after
> first LED on.

Fedora doesn't use either uEnv.txt or uImage* for kernels etc so that
would be expected.
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