Wednesday, March 21, 2018

[fedora-arm] Re: Fedora-Workstation-armhfp-28-20180319.n.0

>There is an accepted blocker for selinux issues on the disk images,

SELINUX=permissive in my case, therefore I believe that should not be the
problem here.

>Workstation is a bit sluggish with 1G of RAM.

Yes, but if I access the machine with ssh (and do not use the local
graphical desktop) it does not seem sluggish. Best of both worlds,
really, because I still have the familiar Fedora graphical environment
for occasional use.

Thank you for your thoughts. No graphical desktop seems a rather blatant
symptom, which suggests I may have painted myself into some corner that
most users do not find. If no reasonable way forward with my current
system appears (and others do not experience the problem), I can wait for
the beta release and try that.
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