Tuesday, March 20, 2018

[fedora-arm] Re: UDOO Neo/Raspberry Pi 3

> Hi all,
> OK, I didn't have much luck with the Orange Pi devices. But there was
> an UDOO Neo and a Raspberry Pi 3 in the toy box. Demo stations for the
> booth at CLT.
> Again the Workstation image but with brand new SD card.
> UDOO Neo: no output over HDMI and the NIC doesn't start blinking. So,
> I assume that the device was not booting at all. Test with other HDMI
> cable, different adapters and screens, still no output.

It's not booting, I have one of these and I tried it the other day.
For some reason on the udoo neo when it starts to boot the SD card
appears to get corrupted and doesn't complete boot, I'm not sure if
this is a problem at u-boot or a problem in the kernel, I've seen it
less drastically with other i.MX6 devices and I have it on my list to
reach out to upstream to try to resolve it but I've not yet had the
time to do so.

> Raspberry Pi 3: Good news, that one is starting and working. At least
> sort of. The one I have tends to freeze randomly with Fedora 27. No
> idea, why. New SD card, dedicated PSU and enough cooling.

Can you explain freeze some more? Do you mean in the Workstation UX?
If so it's known problem for GNOME in general on low resource devices
and there's a dedicated hackfest [1] happening in May, hosted by the
Raspberry Pi foundation and a direct result of my engagement with the
Pi foundation so with luck this should improve RSN.


> My experience with my ancient Cubieboard and Fedora let me believe
> that using Fedora on newer (not talking about brand new device here)
> single board computer would be pretty much the same. Create an SD
> card, plug it in, power up, go through the initial setup and start
> using it. Unfortunately this is not the case at the moment.

For a lot of devices it is the case, although like everything there
are caveats. We don't have a lot of kernel developer resources so out
tactic is to use pure upstream pulling in high impact patches that are
on their way upstream. Unfortunately with a bunch of newer AllWinner
devices like the OrangePi series things like the lack of any display
output make those devices seem worse than their support appears where
they do actually work quite well using serial console or once they're
running. The udoo neo is a sadly one where you're not wrong and I do
have one and have been meaning to get it fixed up but have just not
had the time :-(

Thanks for your feedback, some of these were known, some provide
useful feedback. I'd be very interested in further followup here.

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