Thursday, March 8, 2018

[fedora-websites] Issue #785: does not work for Czech language

robyduck added a new comment to an issue you are following:
Hi all, before we dive into this too much, please consider that we don't manage WCIDFF, as pointed out by @sijis the source is on the github part of fedora infra. Same applies for the translation of this app, they use a different way to handle that.
Making comparisons between WCIDFF and is therefor not appropriate, because the workflow is different, and also the teams are different (we own and care abot translation of getfedora, while we don't know much about the process for webapps).

Can you please open an Infra ticket and eventually point to this if you need details? (just to not post them twce).

If you start a new discussion in Infra, I am leaning towards closing this ticket as a wontfix.

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