Wednesday, March 28, 2018

[fedora-websites] Issue #795: Prepare websites for F28 Beta release

robyduck reported a new issue against the project: `fedora-websites` that you are following:
So this is rather late this time, but we are going to release F28 soon and still need to do some stuff here. f28-beta branch has been already created, but there is not much work done, so if anyone wants to help, this is the place where we work on Beta.
Alos, please read #792 carefully, we will have some changes this time and need to pick this ticket up again for final release, as we probably need to add AtomicWorkstation to our set of images we publich on the websites (Atomic is an edition, so that's a priority).
The website is already building successfully for Beta, so if you make any changes please test it out, it "should" work properly. I will also build the staging website with the f28-beta branch, so anyone can see and test out what we are going to release.
At this point we probably should wait to have a GO, because it will us give checksums, paths and many other bits (which spins are building and which not) we need.

* get all checksum files and add them to the websites (they have to be signed first)
* verify paths and checksum links, see #792 for changes here
* update Beta image sizes and composedates
* sync out with @dustymabe for the Atomic scripts
* regularly create POT files and push them to Zanata; Note: we are NOT going to freeze translations this time

If I forgot something I'll add it here later, but anyone is welcome to complete this task.

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