Thursday, March 15, 2018

Re: Wiki translation issue

Le 15/03/2018 à 14:53, Zdenek Chmelar a écrit :
> Hello all
> I am translating Fedora Wiki and I probably messed up with the language template somehow in case of the page because it offers English only but not Czech language. The same is valid for English version
> If I edit the language template, "cs" is listed next to "en" so both languages should be visible on the wiki page but that's not true.
> Not sure what caused this issue, maybe I accidentally moved the order of some page(s) so they are not properly interlinked between each other now....?
> Thanks for any help or hint to fix it.
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the process is described there:

On the source page:  add {{autolang|base=yes}} on top, and save.

Edit again the page, you'll see a new template named: "Lang/source
page", edit it.

For your page :

Add every languages code with translation. Here : 'cs'.

Go in the translated page and add {{autolang}}

Theoretically, not a single page should use the "Lang" template itself.

Have a nice day

Jean-Baptiste Holcroft
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