Tuesday, June 19, 2018

[389-users] Re: Master-slave replication procedure

By happy timing, we (Bozeman Pass) just added one of our in-house tools for configuring replication to GitHub: https://github.com/bozemanpass/replform.


We call it `replform` as a slight nod towards Hashicorp Terraform.  Obviously they are very different beasts, but what they have in common is that you specify the infrastructure / topology that you want, and the tool figures out what changes need to be made to make it happen (eg, create replication accounts, replica entries, changelogs, agreements, initialize the replicas, etc.)


Running `replform plan` will tell you what it intends to do and `replform apply` will make it happen.  It is safe to run over again, can handle adding new hosts, etc.


It sounds like it might work for your case.  There is more documentation and a few examples at: https://github.com/bozemanpass/replform



Thomas E Lackey


P.S. Some additional notes and warnings:  It supports build MMR or supplier/consumer replication topologies (or some mix of the two), but not “chaining” replication with hubs.  The other is that while it handles the removal of a consumer automatically, it does not do the RUV cleaning necessary when removing a supplier.  Lastly, `replform` also supports pulling credentials for ‘cn=repman’ and ‘cn=Directory Manager’ out of  Hashicorp Vault, but that require some Vault tools we created that haven’t made their way into GitHub yet (though they likely will).


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