Monday, March 2, 2020

[389-users] Console Troubleshooting

Good afternoon,

I have fedora 31 cloud server installed on a local virtualbox. I have installed 389-ds and the 389-cockpit admin module.

Using dscreate I created a local instance, and have successfully modified it with external tools.

I have not been able to get the cockpit component to work. Logging in to cockpit, via the root account or my sudo account works, as soon as I click 389ds admin the cockpit window comes up with "oops" "cockpit as experienced an unexpected error".

The admin shows I have an instance, it allows me to send server commands which appear to be successful.

It does not let me create new instances
It does not show any details under any tab (just blank page).

I'm wondering where to start looking to diagnose the problem. Obviously the web site message wasn't helpful, the inspection console is just complaining about css. The system error logs don't show anything out of the ordinary...
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