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[fedora-arm] Re: Building fedora-arm images

Dumb question:
Are you cross compiling
Or trying to build on RPis?

On Sat, Mar 28, 2020, 11:46 Fabrizio D'Angelo <> wrote:
Hi Matthew,

Thanks so much for the reply.

On 3/27/20 6:16 PM, Matthew Miller wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 27, 2020 at 03:28:34PM -0400, Fabrizio D'Angelo wrote:
>> We've tried image-factory, livemedia-creator, appliance-tools, oz...
>> No luck with anything yet.
> What problems are you running into? Did the image builder in Cockpit get you
> anywhere?

Cockpit seems like it could be useful for us. Just maybe need a few
pointers with it.
The blueprints seem to create a .toml file in
The UI for Cockpit is great, but I can't find an option for adding in
several packages at once. To avoid having to search and add each
individual package, I used a script to add to the .toml file for the
blueprint in the same format as the ones that got input by Cockpit. Like so:
name = "dejavu-sans-fonts"
version = "*"

After doing this, Cockpit just won't load blueprints anymore.
Perhaps there's a better way to go about this?

With appliance-tools we were able to build images, but they did not
boot. We didn't have a serial cable to debug with at the time, but
shortly after, we found out that building aarch64 images was not supported.

The closest we've gotten to success was with livemedia-creator.
Here is the anaconda output of the error I got hung up on:

2020-02-10 18:24:17,327: 1) [x] Language settings                 2)
[x] Time settings
2020-02-10 18:24:17,328: (English (United States)) (America/New_York
2020-02-10 18:24:17,329: 3) [x] Installation source         4)[x]
Software selection
2020-02-10 18:24:17,329: (https://mirrors.fedoraproject.o
(Custom software selected)
2020-02-10 18:24:17,330: rg/mirrorlist?repo=rawhide&arch=
2020-02-10 18:24:17,330: $basearch)
2020-02-10 18:24:17,331: 5) [!] Installation Destination
2020-02-10 18:24:17,331: (Kickstart insufficient)

The kickstart I used was exactly the result from using
ksflatten on fedora-arm-minimal.ks from
I have also tried this with an added a user account, root password, and
activated network. Same deal.

I used the following command to attempt to create the image:
livemedia-creator --make-disk --ks $1 --image-only --no-virt
--resultdir /home/rpi/build/image --releasever 30 --image-name

We weren't able to get much information about this error. From reading
forums, we found that sometimes it's about the way disk partitioning is
set up on the ks file. Played around with that, but did not move on from
that error.

I'm giving image-factory another go right now since I recently finished
setting up a new build server. An issue we were dealing with before was
the lack of support for nested virtualization on aarch64. (We had one of
those Mustang boards running CentOS with a very picky serial port, so
installing Fedora on it was a bit hard) That led us to try
livemedia-creator because of the "no-virt" option.

It seems I actually have an image building with image-factory right now.
Probably going to be an hour or two before it finishes, so I'll see how
it goes.

>> I'm sure there is some known combination of scripts/programs,
>> hardware, and operating system that was used to produce the
>> Fedora-Minimal images we've been working from.
> It's kind of a rube goldberg machine in its complexity. The images are
> produced as part of the Fedora compose. This is orchestrated by Pungi --
>;!!IrdRlI43zQ!Nxv4gbCZ66JtKsKVdb4cZCFNbwNeO1YAVhH96soOidRcKnsKbjqWD6s6e8_co3-dbXmPxtNOembVLQ$  with config from;!!IrdRlI43zQ!Nxv4gbCZ66JtKsKVdb4cZCFNbwNeO1YAVhH96soOidRcKnsKbjqWD6s6e8_co3-dbXmPxtO3TEszlg$ . You
> can see Fedora-minimal-armhfp in the config here:
> and that references;!!IrdRlI43zQ!Nxv4gbCZ66JtKsKVdb4cZCFNbwNeO1YAVhH96soOidRcKnsKbjqWD6s6e8_co3-dbXmPxtOZEK_q_A$
> This fires off tasks like this one:;!!IrdRlI43zQ!Nxv4gbCZ66JtKsKVdb4cZCFNbwNeO1YAVhH96soOidRcKnsKbjqWD6s6e8_co3-dbXmPxtPqfZIpnA$
> Looks like this is (to my surprise, but I guess not great surprise) still
> using the venerable "appliance-creator" tool. From the task above, you can
> see how this is called:

Thanks a lot for this. I wanted to avoid reinventing a rube goldberg
machine so this will be a good resource for me.

Thanks again,


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