Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Re: Code of Conduct and Fedora Planet

On 25/03/2020 20:52, Matthew Miller wrote:
> The original post in the devel list thread was regarding a Code of
> Conduct violation which resulted in a suspension of Daniel's blog

I feel the word suspension is offensive and disparaging

> from Planet Fedora. Daniel, in that thread, you stated:
>> I just want to emphasize that this has nothing to with a Code of
>> Conduct violation
> Unfortunately, this is not the case. While we were reviewing a
> report we received about one of Daniel's blog posts, an additional
> post was made which violated our Code of Conduct's requirement to
> be respectful even when disagreeing. I note that both of these blog

The way you are writing this is an example of shaming somebody

I mentioned my father had died. In fact my family has faced more than
one challenge of similar magnitude at the same time.

You couldn't pick a worse time to shame a volunteer.

What you are calling a Code of Conduct may be an interesting tool but I
feel it has become a very poor substitute for leadership and also a very
poor substitute for the most basic human relations.

You acted unilaterally on more than one occasion. You could have tried
to reach out to me personally before sending multiple emails about this
matter, in fact, there are few occasions where it would be more
important for a leader to do so.

The fact you didn't do those basic things makes me feel the Code of
Conduct is an inadequate tool for improving leadership standards in
Fedora or any other community.

It leaves me with the feeling that blogs about governance standards in
voluntary organizations are more vital than ever.

Various people in the free software community seem to take the Code of
Conduct as an excuse for this unilateral, one-sided decision making. It
appears that you never contemplated the need for any two-way dialog
before making a decision or sending a public announcement. You are not
the only one making that mistake. Any decision made in that way is
fundamentally flawed and risks doing more harm than good.

You sent me a private email asking me to confirm that
"I agreed to comply with Fedora's Code of Conduct"

I will choose to rephrase that: I agree to take Fedora's Code of Conduct
into consideration. I feel that we all interpret these Codes of Conduct
in a slightly different manner. When I see a volunteer being
mistreated, which is what I saw in Debian during the Christmas period
2018, I won't be silenced by a code of obedience.

I'm also willing to meet with you to have a discussion about your
concerns as peers, looking eye-to-eye. I made the same proposal to two
successive leaders of Debian and both of them stonewalled. The former
leader chose a background picture[1] for his blog where he is looking
down on a room full of people. I feel that demonstrates a very shallow
understanding of what leadership is about.



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