Monday, March 23, 2020

[Test-Announce] Fedora 31: an update with "dnf module reset eclipse" on its way to users

tl;dr: a scriptlet has been added to the fedora-release package that
performs a _one time_ "dnf module reset eclipse" operation when
fedora-release is upgraded. The update that does this is now in bodhi [1].

This was decided in a FESCo ticket [2] to solve bugzilla #1780827 [3]
and has a "F31 Common bugs" entry [4].


Longer explanation, quoting [4] in full:

> For a brief period, the eclipse module was a "default" module in
> Fedora 31 (meaning that a 'dnf install <package>' command would enable
> the module and install the modular version of <package> if <package>
> is part of the module). Such "shadowing" of non-modular packages is
> expected with modules, but the eclipse module was shadowing more
> packages than it should, so the module was made "non-default"
> again. Nevertheless, users who installed or upgraded affected packages
> in this window have the module persistently enabled and are not
> getting the non-modular versions of those rpms, even if those now have
> a higher version.
> To resolve this issue, a scriptlet was added to the fedora-release
> package that performs a one time 'dnf module reset eclipse'
> operation. This solves the issue of unexpected shadowing of packages,
> but at the same time creates a problem for users who have the eclipse
> module enabled on purpose. They need to once re-enable the module if
> desired.
> Summary: fedora-release performs a one-time disablement of eclipse
> module. Users who wish to have the module enabled should execute
> 'dnf module enable eclipse:latest' once more.

(on behalf of FESCo)
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