Friday, April 17, 2020

Fedora 32 release - translation work

Dear translators,

Fedora 32 release is in a few weeks (two or three), I created this
component list to help you to identify priorities:

It contains:
* our websites
* our docs system homepage
* our release notes (hosted in docs)

To preview your docs translations:
To preview website translations, add "stg" to the corresponding website:

Weblate is updated once a day with new content (you should expect some
in the future).
Translations done with update are published once a day.

You may still hit bugs, it's the right time to share it here.
Please note our docs website internationalization lacks many features
(no automatic detection of user agent, language button is hidden on
little, ...). I am afraid many won't change at all before release.

Have a nice time contributing to Fedora,

As allowing the translation of Fedora Documentation is a long standing
project, it started years ago, I would like to send a few thanks:
* to asamalik for all the help in doing the antora docs
* to bex for bringing asciidoc support in po4a (our converter tool)
* to misc for the infrastructure automation of i18n scripts
* to pbokoc for making sure we have the release notes in advance

Also, it's a good time to thanks:
* to tiansworld and ersen for updating some of our wiki pages
* all the translators working hard in so many languages!
* the council for funding our translation platform
* to Michal for the Weblate tool and the 4.0 upgrade!
* to Martin Quinson for the po4a tool
* and all the contributors I forgot here ;)

PS2: you can translate any documentation you want, everything is
published daily
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