Friday, April 17, 2020

[fedora-arm] Re: Upgrading Uboot is insufficient to migrate my F31 system from WB Dual-C1 to Quad-D1

On Fri, April 17, 2020 11:47 am, Peter Robinson wrote:
>> I'll let you know in a couple hours how the testing goes -- unless
>> you've
>> seen this before and have an easy fix?

Upgrading the Fedora-Minimal-31 system to 5.5.16-200.fc31.armv7hl and it's
still working.

> I've not seen it before but what I recommend is to go to a generic
> initrd so it pulls in all the drivers, move over to the new device and
> then allow it to go back to a host specific initrd.


> I suspect there's slightly different HW requirements.

Could be. I can try that. Right now I'm upgrading the "older" system to
5.5.16, so I'll test that first, but if that fails then I can go your
route and "dnf reinstall" the kernel package after adding the
dracut-config-generic package.

> To do this install the dracut-config-generic package and reinstall or
> upgrade the kernel, it'll be slower to boot, make sure it boots on the
> current device, move to the new one.
> Once it's running on the new one remove the package and the next
> kernel will go back to a host specific initrd with the specific initrd
> for the new HW.
> Peter



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