Friday, April 17, 2020

[fedora-arm] Re: Wandboard Quad RevD1 has no Ethernet in Fedora F31?

> >> He saved me hours and sent me files to test and they worked. So he's
> >> preparing a patch to send to the u-boot list. Hopefully that patch can
> >> get pulled into Fedora 32?
> >
> > We don't tend to build U-Boot once a release goes GA, primarily just
> > due to lack of resources. That said U-Boot is firmware and completely
> > independent of the OS, we only build it due to convenience so using a
> > f33/rawhide build with F-32 OS is completely stable and works just
> > fine.
> Understood. Indeed, I pulled down the F32-beta package to run on F31.
> It's just a bit of a pain that it's not available "immediately" so I will
> have to remember to manually fix the uboot install ex-post-facto until it
> gets pulled in.. Actually, not too bad because I only have this one D1
> device, so it's just this one time that I will need to do it.
> But at least we know it'll get into upstream "soon".

Yep, I've seen the upstream discussion, I'll test the patches on my
revB1 when I get a moment, I've asked in the community if there's
someone with a revC to test. I suspect with the delays we might well
have another U-Boot build. Any chance you could do a bug report for me

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