Thursday, April 16, 2020

[fedora-arm] Re: Wandboard Quad RevD1 has no Ethernet in Fedora F31?


On Thu, April 16, 2020 3:50 pm, Peter Robinson wrote:
>> >> One more thing I just noticed from the uboot output:
>> >>
>> >> PMIC: pmic_get() ret -19
>> >>
>> >> Looking at the commit I sent earlier, this appears to be part of the
>> D1
>> >> detection. So what does return code -19 mean?
>> >
>> > Probably -ENODEV.
>> Maybe.
>> Interestingly, I just came across
>> which
>> has the following commit message:
>> Only the wandboard revD1 boards have PMIC, so when running on a
>> wandboard
>> of different revision the following error is always shown on every boot:
>> pmic_get() ret -19
>> Instead of printing this error message, move it to debug level instead.
> Actually I suspect that's because it's a different config and hence
> the issue, I suspect once the detection bit is fixed that issue may
> just go away.

Could be. I'm working with a U-Boot dev right now who sent me two patches
to u-boot to try to fix the detection. So now I get to figure out how to
build u-boot to test it out.

Pulling down 2020.04 from F32-beta was easy. Building it.... We'll see!
Can I build it on my x86_64? ;)


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