Tuesday, April 28, 2020

[fedora-arm] Re: Workstation on Pinebook Pro

> > >> To summarise where we are for everyone, with other deadlines I ran out
> > >> of time to really polish this for F-32, it does actually boot on
> > >> Fedora 32 but there's an issue with display output I've not got to the
> > >> bottom of as yet. I'm hoping to catch up and I'll do a remix image
> > >> with the fixes in so people can consume it easily. Once the screen is
> > >> working any further enhancements we deliver in F-32 can be provided
> > >> simply by the usual update mechanisms.
> > >>
> > >
> > > Thanks, Peter. If you need a tester, you know where to find me. As is my
> > > #personal #brand, I plan on writing up a blog post once it's working.
> >
> > Please share that post here once it's done, as I'd love to put Fedora on
> > my Pinebook Pro as well. And in case any testers are required: I'm here
> > to help!
> >
> Hey, I want to join the party too!

It's Fedora, it's open, when it's working every one can join in.....
welcome to open source! Source for you... and you.... and you.... 🎉

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