Thursday, April 2, 2020

Re: A Community Change process to mirror the System Change process

I've just been catching up with the gitforge thread, and there are
multiple examples of instances there where a structured, transparent
community change process would've helped. If nothing else, to ensure
that community changes were given as much importance as dev changes, and
to at least ensure that as much of the community as possible were
informed of changes in the community---a lot of which occur "under the

I stay on 30+ Fedora mailing lists, and even then a lot of the
information being shared in the thread is very new to me. :(

Perhaps it only needs improved communication, but the only way I see
this being achieved at the moment is using a minimal but well defined
process. I cannot recall such issues coming up with dev changes, because
there's ample opportunity for people to a) be aware b) be clear on
what's happening c) weigh in d) help/assist/monitor e) learn and

Maybe we shouldn't overthink this and go looking for a new "perfect"
process. Let's just adapt the current change process, which we know
works, and then tweak it later? Nothing in Fedora is written in stone. :)

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