Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Re: A Community Change process to mirror the System Change process

Le 2020-04-01 17:13, Ankur Sinha a écrit :
> As you've said in your next e-mail, the idea here is not to copy the
> dev
> change process, but it does serve as a rather excellent example of what
> works. Perhaps it can trimmed to remove the unnecessary bits: a
> community change surely won't require FESCo discussion, for example.

Hi Ankur, the question you are asking is really interesting!
We have a clear process for what is dev focused, but nothing for
community activities.

What I don't understand, is that you say the move to Weblate would have
benefit such a process.

Could you be more explicit of what you mean? It typically is a subject
that was prepared on mailing list so we are ready for decision-making at
Flock, then council for funding, then a change process, have a tracking
page and receive regular updates on community blog. We had a GO/NOGO on
translator mailing list with an unanimous agreement.

If this isn't sufficient for community, then I don't know what can be
I followed the System Change process, and to be honest, it is time
consuming but worked fine.

I feel like the list of examples you gave requires more details to
understand the issues to solve.
The community may understand the reasons to have some subjects moving
fast with a limited team, while other requires more communication for
people to understand the reasoning behind it.

Is the global issue more related to decision-making or to change

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