Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Re: Copy the string vs blank translation

Thank you, I'll try this way.

Thanks again,

Il 21/04/20 20:58, Yuri Chornoivan ha scritto:
вівторок, 21 квітня 2020 р. 21:33:33 EEST Enric написано:  
Il 21/04/20 18:59, Yuri Chornoivan ha scritto:    
Hi,        Just push the "Ignore" button on the right pane, then push the "Save"  button  
 on the left.  
    Hello Yuri,  thanks a lot for your quick reply.  I don't see any "Ignore" button, maybe because the string has alredy   been translated and I can only see a Restore/Reject button (I see the   button in italian so I'm not sure this is the correct english version).    Thanks,  Enrico  
  Please (see the screenshot attached),    1. Copy the content ("Clona sorgente").    2. Press "Save ("Salva")    3. Weblate will try to warn you ("La traduzione è stata salvata, tuttavia sono   presenti alcuni nuovi errori: Traduzione non modificata")    4. Press Ignore ("Respingi" (1)).    5. Press "Save" ("Salva").    Hope this helps.    Best regards,  Yuri

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