Sunday, April 19, 2020

Re: ❣️ Fedora docs is now fully translatable ❣️

Le 19/04/2020 à 05:46, Andika Triwidada a écrit :
> Indonesian is read-only. Could you please make it read-write?
> Thank you.

Hello Adika,

I'm glad we have Indonesian translations coming! Wikipedia tells us it's
about 43 million speakers, quite a lot :)

Unfortunately, it's the second issue to share without the required
information to help you :(

Reporting a bug always takes time because as reporter, you have to make
sure to provide all required information for your readers to understand
the context. And it's frustrating, because sometimes it's the wrong
place, or just a temporary issue, or a known issue, or is already solved
and you lost two hours to declare it. And only is if someone see the bug
report ;)

Really useful reading for everyone:

If you wish, from Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm (Europe/Paris), I'm often
available on IRC [1], on fedora i18n. It's easier to discuss and
investigate issues.

thank you for your understanding,

Jean-Baptiste Holcroft
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