Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Re: Flock (was: [Free-RTC Discuss] Coronavirus: emergency RTC solutions for conferences/speakers)

Hi all,

On the FreeRTC discuss list[1], I started a thread[2] in January about
moving conferences online (this email is CC to the existing thread, feel
free to reply on both lists). This could be relevant for Fedora
Flock[3] under Coronavirus.

There is an assumption that people simply try to do what they normally
do but using a live conferencing tool (e.g. Jitsi Meet, Zoom, Hangouts).

It is not the only way.

Other alternatives may be better: for example, pre-recording each talk
and then running the Q&A section live.

There are many more hacks and permutations that can be considered. It
is not just a choice of tool. Please consider sharing ideas on /FreeRTC

We have a lot of people from across the RTC landscape there who might
chip in with ideas or even volunteer to help. 2020 could actually be an
opportunity for some people to gatecrash the conferences we've never
visited before.



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