Monday, April 13, 2020

[Test-Announce] Fedora Kernel 5.6 Test Week Changes

Hey All,

The Fedora Kernel 5.6 Test Week[0] is underway. The communishift -
where the test day app resided is now going through downtown and
Fedora QA folks have moved the app to a different location to survive
this downtime. if, for some reason you get an error, please let me
know and bear with us. It will be up shortly.
For the time being, everyone can edit the wiki (an example for
reference is given)[1].
Don't forget to submit your logs after running the regression test
cases[2]. The steps to test kernel for regression have been well
documented in the wiki as well as here[3].
Also we are testing for non x86-64, if you are one who is using and
have some free bandwidth,please test and submit the logs [4]


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