Sunday, February 28, 2021

Re: Fedora Magazine - articles in a wider variety of langugages

Awesome that there is interest in translating.

Original language community specific articles would also be great, eg.
Fedora resources for new users in Russian, Mandarin, French etc.

Hugo should be able to work with GitLab Pages ( ) and/or GitHub Pages ( ) Is one of
these a reasonable place to put the first iteration? If not, where and
how would the automation take place? I can create a theme similar to
the one for the current magazine.

Information on editorial role is at:

Information on writing workflow is at:

Wordpress seems to have plugins that make suggestions for improving
search engine optimization for English. May need to look for
alternatives to these.

On 3/1/21 5:28 AM, Pany wrote:
> I think I can help translate some articles to Simplified Chinese.
> On Sat, Feb 27, 2021 at 12:35 PM Jean-Baptiste
> <> wrote:
>> Le 27/02/2021 à 08:20, Benson Muite a écrit :
>>>>> I have all the knowledge to initialize this if you want.
>>>> This would probably be helpful. Probably not every article in the
>>>> magazine would be translated. The crucial thing is to find out if
>>>> there are people willing to act as editors for languages other than
>>>> English so that one can ask for articles and/or article translations.
>>> Currently, the Fedora Magazine uses Wordpress. Fedora Documentation
>>> uses asciidoc and git. Perhaps one could try asciidoc for Magazine in
>>> another language? Is there a good What you see is what you get (
>>> WYSIWYIG ) editor for asciidoc, or would it be worth making one? There
>>> was an effort for a live preview asciidoc editor by a Fedora
>>> contributor:
>>> Blogs are increasingly served on static websites, so this may be worth
>>> exploring for Magazine, but WYSIWYIG editing is a helpful part of the
>>> wordpress workflow for some contributors.
>> My proposal would be to use Hugo + Asciidoctor. Hugo does handle
>> internationalization really fine and I have knowledge to automate this.
>> About project stepping:
>> First step: design a proper internationalization workflow
>> Second step: have a nice look and feel
>> Thirst step: think about how to handle the current processes existing
>> with Fedora Magazine.
>> If steps 1 and 2 are good and we publish it as an official Fedora
>> website, then users will be able to read translated articles.
>> Only then we will be able to suggest a migration from Wordpress to Hugo.
>> Expect a year from now.
>> Actions needed:
>> 1. Set-up pipeline and automation (I can do that)
>> 2. Someone to take care of HTML/CSS for look and feel.
>> 3. Someone convert articles from Wordpress to asciidoc.
>> 4. Translators ;)
>> I would love to see a few translators to express their interest in such
>> initiative, and people willing to help for steps 1/2/3.
>> Jean-Baptiste
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