Thursday, March 18, 2021

[389-users] Re: Finding cause of 389ds sefault crash


By any chance do you know if the crash (SIGSEV) dumped a core ?
In such case you may install debuginfo rpm and analyze (gdb) the reason of the crash.

I am not sure the crash is due to a DB corruption/breakage but clearly the crash will trigger a recovery.
Is the suffix (userRoot) replicated ? is it a supplier or a hub ?
I have the feeling it crashed while compacting the changelog. bdb_db_compact_one_db is possibly missing a test that the 'db' (changelog) exists before dereferencing it.


On 3/18/21 8:08 AM, Nelson Bartley wrote:
Good afternoon    Our ns-slapd crashed earlier today, with a segfault in  while the system was running a bdb_db_compact_one_db action.    Is there anyway to trackdown/diagnose what might have caused the  segfault? Some type of DB integrity check or something?    Nelson  

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